Our Green Story

Steve and Tom Green StoryWe have undertaken the largest lake reclamation project in New England, and probably the country.  This lake and river system was used to convey wood to Maine’s lumber and paper mills for over 150 years.  Over that length of time, an enormous amount of wood sank to the bottom and was forgotten – until now. Our lake project is returning an undeveloped, northern Maine lake to its natural ecosystem and producing an incredibly unique product with rich colors and textures.  Yearly, our recovery efforts harvest the equivalent of 1,000 acres of forested land.

Even with the vast amount of wood that is in this lake, it is still a limited resource.  Using thin-kerf sawing technology we are able to significantly improve the yield of this historic treasure. Our planks are 1/8” thick and sawn with state-of-the-art thin blade saws.  This allows for very little waste and much more surface coverage than dimensional lumber, with the same look.  Because it comes prefinished and is peel-and-stick applied, it is an ideal DIY product for any reclaimed wood enthusiast.

We do not use any industrial reclaimed products because of the inherent toxins.